Italian Tin Boxes


  • Author Dario Cimorelli, Michele Gabbani, Marco Gusmeroli
  • Format 25 x 31 cm, cartonato con sovraccoperta
  • Pages 256
  • Illustrations 180
  • Year 2016
  • ISBN 9788836635979
  • Price € 39,00
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Exploring the world of tin boxes – usually chromolithographed for advertising purposes – is like taking a journey across the universe, a journey to a different time and a boundless space, with endless variety, applications, imagination and creativity. This book traces the history of tin boxes in Italy from their origins to their spread across the various industry sectors. We present a selection of over 500 boxes produced between 1885 and the post-war period.
Alongside anonymous designers whose decorations draw on the most diverse sources for inspiration and references, we find the names of great poster artists such as Cappiello, Mauzan, Dudovich, Golia and Sepo, who transpose their creations onto the surface of tins – marking the early stages of a history of packaging yet to be discovered.