Lattine italiane per olio d'oliva

Presentazione al festival Olio Officina

Milano, Palazzo delle Stelline
8 Febbraio 2020 ore 17:30

The event

Da giovedì 6 a sabato 8 febbraio 2020 si terrà a Milano, presso il Palazzo delle Stelline, la nona edizione di Olio Officina Festival, manifestazione dedicata agli oli di oliva e ai condimenti. Il tema portante di quest'anno è “L’olio dei popoli”.
Nell'ambito della manifestazione, sabato 8 febbraio alle ore 17.30 verrà presentato il libro Lattine italiane per olio d'oliva (1860-1960). Collezione Guatelli, quinto volume della collana Grafica e pubblicità di Silvana Editoriale.
Interverranno Manuela Guatelli e Daniela Lauria, in rappresentanza del Museo Collezione Guatelli di Chiusanico (Imperia).

The book

Italian Winner of the Gourmand - World Cookbook Award 2020
section Mediterranean - Dun Gifford Award

The Guatelli Collection is the most important collection of tin boxes for olive oil, from those for export to the ones destined for the domestic market, produced between the end of the nineteenth century and the end of the Second World War.
The prestige of the collection lies in the fact that it features the first clichés that served as a reference for the print of the entire production: they are a clear testimony of how, in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in Liguria and particularly in the city of Imperia, as a result of the increase in the production of olive oil, establishments were set up to provide lithographed tinplate packagings for the Italian exporting industry.
So began the happy marriage between technological and industrial progress and artistic research that led to excellent results, not only from the commercial point of view but also as a means of transmitting the taste and the new languages of art, which allowed to reach an ever wider audience.

Texts by: Sandro Calvani, Luigi Caricato, Lucio Carli, Francis Ford Coppola, Manuela Guatelli Giamminola, Riccardo Guatelli, Daniela Lauria, Tiziana Riva Guatelli
Photographs by: Marco Beck Peccoz


I Want to Make Tin Cans!
Riccardo Guatelli

A Safe Shelter
Luigi Caricato

Olive Oil - One of Us
Sandro Calvani

A Journey of Love for Olive Oil
Lucio Carli

Tiziana Guatelli's Historical Collection of Tin Cans
Daniela Lauria


Means of Transport
Caps and Labels