Ipotesi per un'assenza – Il caso Cervia

Presentazione del volume di Alfredo Covino

Colorno, Museo MUPAC
16 Ottobre 2021 ore 18:30

The event

Silvana Editoriale vi invita alla presentazione del volume Ipotesi per un'assenza – Il caso Cervia, di Alfredo Covino, in programma sabato 16 ottobre 2021, alle ore 18.30, presso il Museo MUPAC di Colorno (PR). L'incontro sarà tenuto da Loredana De Pace, giornalista e curatrice.

L'evento si svolge nell'ambito del festival Colorno Photo Life, con mostre, workshop e visite guidate dall'11 settembre all'8 dicembre 2021.

The book

This project is not a reconstruction of facts, but it wants to bring out the true story of a kidnapped man through the research of those clues and visual elements that compose the mystery of Davide Cervia, from past to present days.
It takes into account the historical context, the investigations, the archives, the misdirection, the manipulation of documents and the unusual facts that involved the Cervia family.
There is no answer in this ‘short circuit’ between reality and imaginary visions; the only absolute certainty is that he has disappeared and there has been no news about him since September 12th, 1990.

This book originates from the editorial project "The C case", shortlisted at the Unseen Dummy Award in Amsterdam in 2019.

Alfredo Covino was born in Rome in 1973. After the studies in his hometown, in 1996 he passed a public competition and began to work for the Public Administration; that’s why he moved to Genoa where he lived for four years. In 2000, he decided to go back to Rome where he started to study photography, firstly at the European Institute of Design (IED), then at the Italian Superior Photography and Communication Institute (ISFCI). In 2009, he joined the photography agency On Off Picture and, in the same year, he cofounded Punto di Svista, a cultural association engaged in visual arts. He held solo and group exhibitions.
Through documentary photography he explores different themes: the connections between places, memory and absence, the transformation of territories, the interactions between man and landscape.

Alfredo Covino

Hypothesis for an absence – The Cervia case

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