Maria Cristina Carlini. Storia di una scultrice

Presentazione del volume

Milano, Studio Museo Francesco Messina
20 Novembre 2021 ore 11:30

The event

Silvana Editoriale vi invita alla presentazione del volume monografico Maria Cristina Carlini, a cura di Chiara Gatti, in programma sabato 20 novembre 2021, alle ore 11.30, presso lo Studio Museo Francesco Messina.
L'evento si svolge nell'ambito dell'edizione 2021 di Bookcity Milano.

Chiara Gatti
Paolo Campiglio
Maria Fratelli
Maria Cristina Carlini

Nel corso dell'evento sarà proiettato in anteprima il docufilm “Maria Cristina Carlini. Geologie, memorie della terra”, realizzato da Storyville.


The book

Over the course of her career from the 1970s until today, sculptress Maria Cristina Carlini’s (Varese, 1942) intense production has included a great capacity for developing new aesthetic experiences, whether using ancient or modern materials. Her profound passion for materials has led her to investigate their intrinsic characteristics, the history of their human use over the centuries, their possible interactions with other substances and environments, and the way they behave over the course of time.
Carlini’s art generates an interaction between past, present and future, and her inspiration embraces myth and history. Her artistic awareness is intensified by the process of doing, which is simultaneously introspective and expansive, directed towards the emergence of the symbolic, but also projected into the configuration of future presences.


Maria Cristina Carlini. The Sensation of the Eternal in the Gravity of Matter
Chiara Gatti

Symbols of an Origin
Paolo Campiglio

Sculpture Has No Gender. Maria Cristina Carlini at the Francesco Messina Studio Museum
Maria Fratelli

Maria Cristina Carlini. Sculpture: Myth and Monument
Raffaella Resch