Luca Meda
Architecture, Design, Drawings

Presentazione del volume

Milano, ADI Design Museum
23 Marzo 2022 ore 18:00

The event

Silvana Editoriale vi invita alla presentazione del volume Luca Meda. Architecture, Design, Drawings, in programma mercoledì 23 marzo 2022 alle ore 18.00, presso ADI Design Museum.

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The book

Luca Meda was a leading name in industrial design and Italian architecture between the 1960s and 1990s. By mixing vibrant objects with melancholy architecture, domestic landscapes with urban interiors, he was able to leap over the barriers between art, industrial design and architecture. A wise designer and an inventor-artist, he managed to prolifically intertwine the world of industrial production with the world of figurative art. His designs sublimely illustrate the close bond that the corporate culture has formed with the inventive force of its craftsmen, its architects, its artists.
This volume is the first monographic publication dedicated to him. It offers, for the first time, in fact, a critical analysis that delves into all the various aspects of his work, an accurate biography and a complete annotated catalogue of his works.


A Light Gaze, a Deft Hand. The Small Architectures of Luca Meda
Alberto Ferlenga

Sofia Meda

The City and Everyday Objects
Serena Maffioletti

Luca Meda: Biography of a Tireless Draughtsman
Nicola Braghieri

Architecture in the Years of “Historical Consciousness”: Projects by Luca Meda with Giorgio Grassi, Gianugo Polesello and Aldo Rossi
Beatrice Lampariello

Luca Meda and the Technological Object
Rosa Chiesa

Little Appliances

Luca Meda and Furniture Design: Systemic Order, Archetypal Models and Forms Evocative of Architecture in Interiors
Giampiero Bosoni and Chiara Lecce

Furniture and Living Spaces

Luca Meda Exhibition Designer
Dario Scodeller

Setting-up and Graphic Design

Art Direction According to Luca Meda
Mario Piazza

Architectures of the 1980s and 1990s (1976–1991). Projects of Invention
Nicola Braghieri

Interview with Luca Meda
edited by Clara Mantica

Interviews with
edited by Andrea Balossi Restelli and Rosa Chiesa

Diego Peverelli
Richard Sapper
Carlo Molteni
Peter Hefti
Laura Maifreni
Eliana Gerotto
Mario Carrieri
Felix Humm
Nicola Gallizia
Bruno Longoni
Romano Barchi
Filippo Zagni

Products Catalogue
edited by Sabina Carboni



The Luca Meda Archives: Drawing and the Love of Small Things
Sabina Carboni

Writings on Luca Meda
edited by Sabina Carboni

Authors’ Biographies

Luca Meda

Architecture, Design, Drawings

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