Francesco Jodice. The Complete Works

Presentazione del volume

Torino, CAMERA - Centro Italiano per la Fotografia
27 Maggio 2022 ore 18:30

The event

Silvana Editoriale vi invita alla presentazione del volume Francesco Jodice. The Complete Works, in programma venerdì 27 maggio 2022, alle ore 18.30, presso CAMERA - Centro Italiano per la Fotografia a Torino.

Walter Guadagnini, docente di Storia della Fotografia e curatore
Francesco Jodice, autore del volume

The book

The Complete Works collects over 350 works created by Francesco Jodice - artist, photographer and filmmaker - over 25 years of career. His entire production is accompanied by texts by 65 critics, curators and artists. Photographs, films, maps and installations bring about a kaleidoscopic fresco of our time.


The Evidentiary Image and Its Double. Francesco Jodice and an Other Encounter with the Real
Marco Scotini

The Map

The Complete Works

The Wall

Francesco Zanot in Conversation with Francesco Jodice