Tony Gentile
Sicilia 1992. Luce e memoria

Presentazione del volume

Palermo, Parco Villa Filippina
12 Giugno 2022 ore 19:00

Foto di Tony Gentile
The event

Silvana Editoriale vi invita alla presentazione del volume Tony Gentile. Sicilia 1992. Luce e memoria in programma domenica 12 giugno, alle ore 19, nell'ambito del Festival del libro "Una marina di libri" a Palermo.

Piero Melati, giornalista e saggista
Tony Gentile, autore del volume


The book

Tony Gentile is the most famous, but paradoxically also the most obscure, photographer among Italians familiar with a photograph he took that is so exceptional in nature that it became an icon of contemporary Italian history. Actually, everyone knows the photograph: it has been published a million times in newspapers and books, it is found on courthouse gables, at anti-Mafia associations, at political events and in books about contemporary history. I’m talking about the extraordinary photograph of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, sharing a private word. An image that was added to the family album of entire generations.

Tony Gentile
Ferdinando Scianna

From Newspaper Image to Icon. The Palermo photographs of Tony Gentile
Carlo Sala






Pain and endurance

Being a photo reporter in palermo. Interview with Tony Gentile
Carlo Sala


Tony Gentile

Sicily 1992
Light and memory

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