Valerio Bispuri
The Forgotten

Presentazione del volume

Roma, MAXXI | Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo
18 Ottobre 2023 ore 18:00

The event

Mercoledì 18 ottobre, alle ore 18:00, Silvana Editoriale vi invita alla presentazione del volume di Valerio Bispuri Dimenticati. The Forgotten, presso la Sala Carlo Scarpa del Museo MAXXI di Roma.

Il volume rappresenta un viaggio in centoventi scatti tra Africa e Italia alla scoperta della vita messa alla prova della patologia mentale. Un’indagine fotografica potente e delicata che avvicina persone che abitano un mondo spesso indecifrabile e dalle mille forme diverse.

Valerio Bispuri, fotoreporter
Daniele Mencarelli, scrittore e poeta
Michele Smargiassi, giornalista La Repubblica

Scopri di più

The book

The forgotten are all those the society has rejected, turning its back and eyes. This photo book is both an adventure and a discovery. Each shot shows people dealing with madness: whether they are in Italy or Africa, the observer’s daze will always be the same. Valerio Bispuri seems endowed with a power, that of capturing the moment when pain becomes somewhat plastic, heartbreakingly visible. This ability is combined with stubbornness. Indeed, the process takes time, self-denial, and years of hard work, during which Bispuri delved into the subject of mental illness to create stunning portraits. Today, spending so many years to carry out an artistic and at once socially aware project sounds like revolutionary. A word of advice to anyone who will leaf through the pages of this book: no hurry. Let every single picture invite you to an intimate human journey, focus on the smallest details and, above all, let yourself be pierced by the (often unreceptive) eyes of this exhausted, helpless people, sunk into depths of mental illness. You and your perspective will change, forever.

Make the invisible visible
Grégoire Ahongbonon

Marco Bertoli

Daniele Mencarelli

The forgotten
Valerio Bispuri