Alexandra Pirici

Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof – Nationalgalerie der Gegenwart
dal 25 Aprile al 6 Ottobre 2024

The exhibition

From 25.04.2024 to 06.10.2024, the Hamburger Bahnhof – Nationalgalerie der Gegenwart in Berlin hosts the solo exhibition dedicated to Romanian artist and choreographer Alexandra Pirici - known for staging public actions, gestures, and sculptures that provoke re-assessments of historical narratives and civic space, nature, and digital imagery.

On the occasion of the show, Pirici will transform the Berlin hall into a living landscape where human bodies - including those of visitors - move and perform alongside chemical reactions, mineral formations and physical phenomena, inviting us to observe how we resemble, influence and attune to one-other.
The exhibition celebrates and recognizes the continuum between the animate and the inanimate, as both metaphor and scientific fact.

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