Maïmouna Guerresi

Aisha al país de les meravelles, un viatge a Girona

Salt (Girona), Les Bernardes
dal 3 Maggio al 28 Giugno 2019

The exhibition

Maïmouna Guerresi presents new works of photography, video, and installation and she invites the viewer to rethink the relationship between "subjectivity" and "otherness". The hostile, asymmetric, rejecting or assimilative relationships should be abandoned in favour of a harmonious scenario in which bodies, deities, objects, nature, and architecture offer the possibility of coexisting outside the logic of terror, exploitation and domination.
Through a renewed iconographic updating of Islamic religious symbols and of Western artistic languages, this artist brings together art, spirituality, and life. Maïmouna Guerresi’s work represents a journey towards an inner and hidden universe revealing moods, feelings, and existential thoughts upon the incessant quest to find oneself and a new identity.

The catalogue

In her latest work, Aisha in Wonderland, artist Maïmouna Guerresi invites viewers – through the languages of photography, video and installation – to enter an inner, hidden universe. An excuse to portray moods, feelings and existential thoughts on an incessant quest to find oneself and a new identity.

Aisha al país de les meravelles és el nou treball de Maïmouna Guerresi on, a través del llenguatfe fotogràfic, el video i la installació, l'artista convida l'espectador a entrar en un univers interior i ocult. Un pretext per representar estats d'ànim i reflexions existencials en una continua recerca de si mateix i d'una nova identitat.