Paolo Gioli: Anthological/Analogue

Films and photographic works (1969-2019)

Beijing, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre
dal 26 Giugno al 29 Agosto 2021

The exhibition

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing is honored to launch a great show of the Italian artist Paolo Gioli curated by prof. Bruno Di Marino and Rosario Scarpato. This is the second exhibition of the artist in China after the successful show organized by offiCina Beijing in its art space at the 798 Art Factory in 2007.
With more than 100 outstanding works, the exhibition is divided in four sections: Nature, Body, Face, Medium, featuring big and small Polaroids displayed in dialogue with several films whose themes are very much connected to them. To be nicely adapted to the architectural Bauhaus-structure, the exhibition has been set up following a linear itinerary so that the visitor can experience the trespassing between techniques, devices and languages. Therefore, Gioli's bodies, chests and torsos with his still lives (flowers, leaves), his decomposed and recomposed faces, his thoughts towards the pioneers (homage to 19th century's masters such as Marey, Cameron, Eakins and the lithographs from his film frames) create a constant parallel between our reality and those imaginary worlds of the artist. In some cases, such as the Luminescenti photos, whose main subject is represented by Greek-Roman iconography, the very same classical art is the effective matter of Gioli's choice to be elaborated in his imagination. An almost complete survey of Gioli films will be also screened in the photography center in six projection's areas. All his films, with very few exceptions, were made in analogue, using film-stock. The most experimental ones, like Film stenopeico or Filmfinish were realized with a camera deprived of its essential components or with no camera at all (animation, found-footage, pinhole shootings, elaborations from photos, stop-motion, mattes, etc).

The catalogue

Painter, photographer, cinematographer, Paolo Gioli (Rovigo, 1942) is one of the most innovative Italian artists of recent decades, especially for his ability to experiment across multiple fields, and through his reworked devices.
Published on the occasion of three exhibitions held in Italy and China, Anthological/Analogue examines the films and photographic works – polaroids, photo finishes, silk-screen canvases and lithographic plates – created over a fifty-year period, suggesting a theoretical-iconographic path that revolves around four sections: Nature, Body, Face, and Medium.
This volume is accompanied by a rich array of color illustrations, with film datasheets commentated by the author himself, and gives a detailed account of all of the works presented, along with critical contributions from leading international scholars.

Lecce, Museo Castromediano / Bisceglie, Palazzo Tupputi, March – May 2021
Beijing, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, June - August 2021


Nature, Body, Face, Medium. The Anthological/Analogue of Paolo Gioli
Bruno Di Marino

The Ascetic Materialist. Aesthetics of Paolo Gioli
Marco Senaldi

The Medium Is a Butterfly. Surfacing, Instability, and Metamorphoses of the Devices in Paolo Gioli
Sandra Lischi

Gioli: Between Paranoid Vision and Steadfast Desire
Jean-Michel Bouhours

“Too many lines eventually make one crazy”. Paolo Gioli and the Frame Line
Rinaldo Censi

The Anachronic Inventory of Paolo Gioli
Cristina Baldacci

The Most Experimental of Experimental Filmmakers. Paolo Gioli Inside and Outside the Italian Underground
Giulia Simi


List of Works

Paolo Gioli, Family Album
Herein Stays the Variation of the Definition
Cristina Fiordimela – Freddy P. Grunert

filmnotes by Paolo Gioli

Essays published in books, catalogues, magazines and DVDs
Side Events

Paolo Gioli

Films and Photographic Works (1969-2019)

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