Baghdad: Eye’s Delight

Doha, Museum Islamic Art
dal 26 Ottobre 2022 al 25 Gennaio 2023

The exhibition

The exhibition Baghdad: Eye’s Delight celebrates Baghdad as the most important and influential city ever created in the Islamic world, revealing its outstanding heritage as the capital of the great Abbasid caliphs (750-1258 CE) but also its renewed period of prosperity in the 20th century thanks to the discovery of oil.
The display will take visitors on an imaginary tour across centuries, highlighting Baghdad's role as a city of power, scholarship and riches, ending the tour with a look at the city's social fabric, its cosmopolitan population, and many traditions, which have - despite war and destruction - enabled the city to thrive, time and time again.

The exhibition is part of the Qatar-MENASA 2022 Year of Culture.

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