Miguel Rio Branco

Masculin Féminin

Brescia, Galleria PACI Contemporary
dal 21 Ottobre 2022 al 24 Febbraio 2023

The exhibition

Venerdì 21 ottobre 2022 inaugura alla galleria Paci contemporary di Brescia la prima grande mostra italiana dedicata al fotografo brasiliano Miguel Rio Branco dal titolo Masculin Feminin. Una grande antologica che ripercorre le tappe salienti della carriera dell’artista, la mostra crea un particolare focus sui corpi maschili e femminili fotografati da Rio Branco.
Il volume della mostra è curato da Rio Branco stesso e da Walter Guadagnini, Direttore di CAMERA a Torino.

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The catalogue

The work of Miguel Rio Branco is shaped by his need for the magic of the image, which is the result of a moment of grace and naturalness in the human condition. Through his images, he seeks a solution that offers a continuity between life and photography. Indeed, in his photographs, the passions of life are not subjected to any purifying cleansing, but offer the observer the outward fabric of life captured from its dark side, where all the conflicts of a human and non-human reality end up. Every form surges into this reality and is reduced to debris, but also to primitive and pure energy.
Germano Celant


In memory of Germano Celant
Giampaolo Paci

A sensual metaphysics: Miguel Rio Branco
Germano Celant

Miguel Rio Branco
The obscene, the conscious, and the unconscious
Walter Guadagnini