by Refik Anadol

London, Saatchi Gallery
dal 25 Novembre al 23 Dicembre 2022

The exhibition

Serpenti Metamorphosis by Refik Anadol presented by Bulgari embark on a new chapter with award-winning media artist and director Refik Anadol. After last year’s success with their exhibition and digital experience in Piazza del Duomo in Milan, it is London’s chance to celebrate the second chapter of Serpenti Metamorphosis.
Bulgari will present an immersive experience with Refik Anadol’s artwork representing its most famous icon, Serpenti for the first time ever. It will kick off a momentous milestone, the 75th anniversary of Serpenti, to be celebrated in 2023.

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The catalogue

Metamorphosis is a central theme of contemporary creativity, investigated by artists, stylists, designers, philosophers and craftsmen who have crossed the rigid fences of their respective disciplines in search of their changing inclusiveness. With a pioneering spirit, Bulgari also explores them in their different meanings: symbolic, creative and artistic. The protagonist of the narration is the snake, an emblem of regeneration in all cultures and an icon of the goldsmith mastery of the Rome maison from the 1940s to today.
In symbolic metamorphoses, the reptile embodies the archetype of transformation and renewal that refers to the dualism of life, while in the creative ones its seductive spell has deeply inspired material culture, from ancient clothing to contemporary fashion, from primitive jewelry to the Bulgari collections which celebrate it as a symbol, myth, creative theme, and personal ornament.
Lastly, on the artistic side, Bulgari asked five artists to represent their own idea of ​​metamorphosis: Refik Anadol, Ann Veronica Janssens, Azuma Makoto, Daan Roosegaard, and Vincent Van Duysen have thus interpreted them through the poetics of their respective artistic languages, with surprising, heterogeneous and powerful results, further proof of their being the most revolutionary and profound act in the life of a person, a society or a culture.


1. Symbolic Metamorphosis

The Snake Symbol
The snake as a symbol of metamorphosis from the ancient to the contemporary world

2. Creative Metamorphosis

The Snake in the Arts
The formal metamorphosis of serpents in fashion and jewelry

Serpenti: Bulgari Metamorphosis
The creative and evolutionary metamorphosis of an icon of the Maison from 1949 until today

3. Artistic Metamorphosis
Interpretation in Art and Design

Azuma Makoto
Daan Roosegaarde
Ann Veronica Janssens
Vincent Van Duysen
Refik Anadol