Walid Akkad


Paris, Fine Arts Paris & La Biennale - Carrousel du Louvre - Stand 81
dal 9 al 13 Novembre 2022

The exhibition

Franco-Lebanese jewellery designer Walid Akkad has reimagined animals as sculptural shapes in a new collection of rings, ‘Bestiaire’. Unveiled at the Paris art fair, Fine Arts Paris & La Biennale, the 21 pieces in red gold are miniature artworks in their own right, and can be worn on the finger or displayed standing upright.
The designs encompass a clean animal form without compromising functionality, related to both the ring’s status as a wearable object and an objet d’art. ‘Finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality has always been essential for me,’ Akkad adds. ‘I never prevent myself from exploring new shapes but at the end of the day, my designs have to be comfortable to wear and I never lose important aspects like size, proportion and weight from sight. Striking the right balance between these two key components requires a lot of work, but a good design has to make this look effortless.’

The collection is accompanied by a book that details the unique creation process. ‘This collection has opened a new chapter in my work. I will continue to create rings with a basis, or that can stand alone in the future. What started as a constraint has become a new source of inspiration and part of my identity as a jeweller.’

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