Cybèle Varela

Imaginários Pop

São Paulo-SP, Brasil, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de la Universidad de São Paulo
dal 1 Luglio al 1 Ottobre 2023

The exhibition

Brazilian artist Cybèle Varela's exhibition Imáginários Pop opens to the public on 1 July 2023 at the MAC USP - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de la Universidad de São Paulo, in Brazil. The exhibition will be open until 1 October 2023.

The artist's third solo show at MAC USP brings together works from the initial phase of her career, in the 1960s and 1970s. During this period, her works and objects dialogue with Pop Art and incorporate the language of the mass media and the language of propaganda, representing a critical and ironic point of view.
One of the works in the exhibition, "The Present", was destroyed by the military regime in 1967 and rebuilt in 2018.

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The catalogue

Cybèle Varela (born in Petrópolis, 1943) is one of the key figures of New Figuration in Brazil. The essays and interview included in this volume shed new light on Varela’s emergence in the 1960s Brazilian and 1970s French art scenes. They examine her unique approach to the exploration of Pop Art visuality by considering the role played by mass culture, social and political issues, as well as transnational experiences in the making of the artist’s early production. The volume also explores Varela’s contribution to international artistic discourses, including Pop Art, Narrative Figuration, Photography and Video Art.

Ariane Varela Braga is art historian and fellow at the Academy of France in Rome - Villa Medici (2022/23). Her research deals with the relationships between visual arts, architecture and material culture, from the 19th century to the present day, in a transnational perspective.

Ana Magalhães is art historian, curator, professor and director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo (MAC USP). Specialized in the study of 20th century art, her research focuses on visual arts following a transnational approach.