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The Castelvecchio Museum has housed the municipal collections of Verona since 1926, a total of over three hundred paintings and sixty sculptures stretching from the 14th century, the period of great political and cultural splendour under the della Scala dynasty, to the end of the 18th.

There are works by all the major painters of the Veronese school (including Turone and Altichiero, Pisanello, Stefano di Giovanni, Liberale, Francesco Bonsignori, Domenico and Francesco Morone, Girolamo Dai Libri, Paolo Morando, known as Cavazzola, Paolo Caliari, known as Veronese, Domenico Brusasorzi, Paolo Farinati, Alessandro Turchi, Pasquale Ottino, Marcantonio Bassetti, Antonio Balestra, Simone Brentana and Giambettino Cignaroli) and some of the greatest artists from Venice and the Veneto region (Michele Giambono, Jacopo and Giovanni Bellini, Bartolomeo Montagna, Jacopo Tintoretto, Sebastiano Ricci, Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo, Pietro Longhi and Francesco Guardi) as well as representatives of other Italian and foreign schools (Rubens, Bernardo Strozzi, Luca Giordano and Joseph Vivien).

Among the sculptures, attention is drawn to the 14th-century works by the artist known as the Master of Santa Anastasia and the equestrian statues of Cangrande I and Mastino II from the monumental tombs of the della Scala family.

Visitors can also examine items from the Longobard or Lombard era, rare works of 14th-century jewellery and an interesting collection of ancient weapons.