Step between Steps (Time of Materials)

  • Binding Hardcover
  • Size 26 x 24 cm
  • Pages 112
  • Illustrations 93 a colori
  • Language Italian, French, English
  • Year 2012
  • ISBN 9788836623525
  • Price € 28,00  € 26,60
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The Finale Archaeological Museum is delighted to play host to the works of Selim Abdullah. This event will see archaeological exhibits weave a dialogue with the intense and evocative work of a contemporary artist who, on an international scale, is one of the brightest and most complex personalities in figurative art today. Contemporary works of art find a home in the Finale, a small window overlooking the Mediterranean from the European continent, which has preserved evidence of an unbroken human presence since the earliest prehistoric times […]. On this, more than on other occasions, however, the “archaeological” exhibits take on dimensions that are far removed from the usual cultural stereotypes, seen in a way that allows them to lose their familiar connotations of objects from the past through contact with the shapes, colours, and messages conveyed by the production of an artist who, living in the present, provides us with another original page of that unbroken story.

Finale Ligure, march - september 2012