Un’ulteriore traccia per l’attività a Brescia del Maestro di Santa Anastasia e della sua bottega: l’urna del giudice Corrado Fogolini

Author: Massimo Medica

An additional trace of the activity in Brescia of the Master of Saint Anastasia and his workshop: the urn of the judge Corrado Fogolini

The urn of the judge Corrado Fogolini, now in the Museo Civico Medievale of Bologna, is usually considered a Bolognese artwork. It has been recently attributed to the area of Verona, thanks to punctual comparisons with the works of the Master of Saint Anastasia, a sculptor documented in the Dominican church of this name in Verona. The most effective comparison is that with the first ark of Cangrande I della Scala, whose sculpted decoration was made by the workshop of the Master of Saint Anastasia together with the Master of the Tomb Dussaimi. But the sculpture in the Museo Medievale di Bologna is especially connected with the works made by this workshop in Brescia at the beginning of the 14th century. A good comparison can be established with the tomb of bishop Bernardo Maggi, who died in 1308, and with the fragmentary stone fountain in the Museo di Santa Giulia, which is in connection with the Maggi family too. In fact the patron of the urn, judge Corrado Fogolini, is documented in Brescia starting from 1271 up to 1294. At the time Fogolini helped bishop Berardo Maggi in a litigation between the monastery of St. Pietro in Monte di Serle and the community of Vallio. This evidence enables to connect the Fogolini urn, in Bologna from 1860, and coming from the collection of the painter Pelagio Palagi, with the town of Brescia. But the small size of the artifact and the peculiarity of its inscription are not perfectly compatible with a sepulchral function. The work may have originally had a different use, which still has to be established (altar, font).