Interferenze francesi nella produzione dei codici di lusso a Pavia sullo scadere del Trecento e qualche apertura sul primo Michelino da Besozzo

Author: Roberta Delmoro

French Interferences in the production of luxury manuscripts at Pavia at the end of the Fourteenth century and some contributions on the early style of Michelino da Besozzo

The particular political and cultural climate that emerged in Pavia after 1360-1361, with the establishing of the Visconti court, the building of the Castello and the founding of the Studium, stimulated an intense production of luxury codices characterized, in a number of cases, by deliberate compositional and decorative affinities with French – and especially Parisian – illuminated manuscripts of the second half of the fourteenth century. The scriptorium in Pavia best known to scholars, thanks to a corpus of manuscripts which can be attributed to it, is that of the Augustinian monastery of S. Pietro in Ciel d’Oro. Here, cooperating with the scriptorium, probably at the time he was working on the commissioned decoration of the second cloister of the monastery, the young Michelino da Besozzo had the opportunity of learning the art of illumination. This article attempts to define the characteristics of the painter’s early style.