To the Threshold of History
Masterpieces from the Hermitage and Sardinian Museums

  • Edited by Marco Edoardo Minoja, Anna Maria Montaldo, Yuri Piotrovskij
  • Binding Paperback with flaps
  • Size 24 x 30 cm
  • Pages 232
  • Illustrations 350
  • Language Italian, English
  • Year 2016
  • ISBN 9788836633135
  • Price € 30,00  € 28,50
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For the first time an exhibition presents archaeology through the eyes of our times. EURASIA. To the Threshold of History is an exhibition with original narration and unexpected combinations of languages, creating an immersive, life-like experience.
Almost four hundred exceptional objects from the State Hermitage Museum of St Petersburg, over one hundred finds from the museums of Sardinia and several important loans from other Italian museums chart the evolution and progress of civilisations and cultural exchanges between Asia and Europe from the Neolithic to the 1st millennium BC, investigating relationships, parallels and differences in a fascinating exhibition design.
EURASIA. To the Threshold of History is the accomplishment of one of the main projects of Cagliari Italian Capital of Culture 2015. The catalogue too, like the exhibition, rests on a strong scientific foundation and builds on it in novel ways, through the contributions of anthropologists, economists and art historians: their different viewpoints enrich the journey of the imagination which we have traced to bring the distant past close to our sense of things and our way of life.

Cagliari, Palazzo di città, December 2015 - April 2016


Imagination is Knowledge
Anna Maria Montaldo

Between Asia and the Mediterranean, towards the Threshold of History
Marco Edoardo Minoja

Archeology of the Future
Angelo Figus

The Maykop culture in the Metal Age
Yuri Piotrovskij

The World of the Ancient Mountain Dwellers of the Caucasus
Yekaterina Vasilyeva

From One End of Europe to the Other. Circulation of Symbols, Artefacts and Models between the 6th and 3rd Millennium BC
Maria Bernabò Brea

The Bronze Age
Gianfranca Salis

Links and Parallel Routes in Iron-Age Eurasia: An Overview
Franco Marzatico

Carlo Bertelli

Games of worlds. The Wonder of Similarities and Differences
Pietro Clemente, Tatiana Cossu

Paolo Leon

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