Works in Rome. Technique and Style
I. Essays

  • Series Art monographs
  • Edited by Rossella Vodret, Giorgio Leone, Marco Cardinali, M. Beatrice De Ruggieri, Giulia Silvia Ghia
  • Binding Paperback with flaps
  • Size 24 x 28 cm
  • Pages 552
  • Illustrations 1060
  • Language Italian, English
  • Year 2016
  • ISBN 9788836633517
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Caravaggio has long been regarded as a revolutionary painter by virtue of his artistic language, which has aroused interest, involvement and authentic passion in patrons, collectors, writers and simple art lovers in various periods. The purpose of these two volumes is to shed light on his pictorial methods through technical research on the twenty-two unquestionably autograph works in Rome.

On the basis of the findings of first-hand investigation of the paintings, the first volume addresses a number of crucial themes with studies by the most authoritative scholars in the sector that examine the master’s artistic trajectory, the complex art-critical interpretations, the state of preservation and the latest investigative techniques. The result is an unprecedented image of the painter, midway between tradition and innovation, and a possible answer to the questions about his success, which has continued through the centuries and the most varied schools of art and criticism.


Dario Franceschini
Daniela Porro
Maurizio Calvesi
Mina Gregori

Editors’ Note

Introductory Notes on Caravaggio’s Technique of Execution
Rossella Vodret

Caravaggio’s Painting Technique. A Technical Art History
Marco Cardinali

Caravaggio’s Painting Technique. Compositional Processes and Material Structures
Maria Beatrice De Ruggieri

Camera Obscura or ‘Illuminated Stage Sets’? Light, Drawing and Composition in the Painting of Caravaggio
Pietro Roccasecca

Hidden in the Shadows: Caravaggio’s Drawing and the Myth of the Camera Obscura
Filippo Camerota

The Studio of Lorenzo Carli: Clarifications, Reflections and a Note on the Young Caravaggio
Giorgio Leone

Observations on Iconographic and Compositional Changes in the Contarelli ‘Laterals’
Alessandro Zuccari

The Twenty-Two Paintings, Diagrams of Incisions, IR Reflectograms and X-Radiographs

A Study on the Artistic Materials, Sources and Use in Caravaggio’s Paintings: the Conservation History of the Twenty-Two Merisi’s Masterpieces in Rome
Giulia Silvia Ghia

Micro-Destructive Investigations
Matteo Positano, Irene Aliatis, Claudia Conti

The X-ray Examination and Conservation Treatment Carried out by the ICR on Caravaggio’s Paintings in San Luigi dei Francesi. Comparison of Texts and Unpublished Archival Documents
Anna Maria Marcone (†), Claudio Seccaroni

Memories of a (then) Young Restorer
Carlo Giantomassi

Caravaggio as Revealed by Study of the ISCR Cross-Sections: the Paintings of the Contarelli Chapel and the Two Versions of 'St Francis in Meditation'
Fabio Talarico, Giancarlo Sidoti, Giuseppina Vigliano

Investigation of Two Versions of Caravaggio’s 'St Francis in Meditation' by Scanning Macro X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
Matthias Alfeld, Koen Janssens, Geert Van der Snickt, Marco Cardinali, Maria Beatrice De Ruggieri, Matteo Positano

Comparison of Instruments and Methods for XRF Analysis on Caravaggio’s Paintings
Stefano Ridolfi

Cross-sections and XRF Analysis
edited by Marco Cardinali, Maria Beatrice De Ruggieri, Matteo Positano, Fabio Talarico

Notes on the Terminology Used in the Atlas
Fabio Talarico