Genoa - Museum of the Risorgimento. Istituto Mazziniano (EN)

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  • Edited by Raffaella Ponte, Liliana Bertuzzi
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  • Year 2016
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Located in the house where Giuseppe Mazzini was born, the museum preserves and displays a rich historic and artistic heritage (documents, paintings, prints, weapons, uniforms, photographs and relics) through which it is possible to retrace the course of history that would lead to the unification of Italy: from the 1746 revolt against the Austrians in Genoa to the First World War. The setting is evocative, given the presence of some of the most meaningful symbols of the history of the Risorgimento, from the tricolour of Giovine Italia (Young Italy) to the legendary "red shirts" of Garibaldi's followers and the first handwritten draft of the anthem Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy), written by Goffredo Mameli and set to music by Michele Novaro.