I segni della Riforma nella cattedrale di Terracina. La chiesa, il chiostro, il portico, la cattedra

Author: Maria Teresa Gigliozzi

The Signs of the Reform in the Cathedral of Terracina. The Church, The Cloister, the Porch, the Chair

In the light of the latest investigations cocerning the cathedral of Terracina it can be said that the renovation of the cathedral after its donation to Desiderio of Montecassino was time-consuming, complex and significant. It was not limited to a mere rehabilitation of the structures of the early medieval building in cassinese-reformist key, but also extended to the episcopate and to the porch: this can now be dated to the beginning of the 12th century, thanks to the palaeographic analysis of the inscriptions in the famous frieze. The papal chair must be considered part of this renovation project of the cathedral, whose symbolic-ideological is well supported by the events that involved it in the last third of the 11th century and it is consistent with the choices that the unitary patronage – from Desiderio and then Urban II and cardinal Benedetto – chose both in the architecture and for the plastic decoration, painting and mosaic.