I segni della Riforma nella cattedrale di Terracina. Temi e simboli nel fregio musivo del portico

Author: Mariella Nuzzo

The Signs ot the Reform in the Cathedral of Terracina. Themes and Symbols in the Mosaic Frieze of the Porch

The frescoes recently discovered in the cathedral of S. Cesareo at Terracina are stylistically and thematically connected with the artistic culture of the Gregorian Reform. They provided the stimulus to reconsider the dating of the mosaic frieze of the porch, decorated with themes and symbols related to the salvation of the soul through the mediation of the Church. Stylistic evidences connect the frieze with artistic culture of Norman patronage in Southern Italy, so we can hypothesize a date of execution before the middle of the 12th century. At the time Terracina had close relationships with Monte Cassino and was the center of important events during the pontificates of Victor III and Urban II, also playing a strategic role in the following decades.