Le epigrafi del portale e del portico della cattedrale di Terracina

Author: Carlo Tedeschi

The inscriptions of the Portal and the Porch in the Cathedral of Terracina

The analysis of the exterior inscriptions of the cathedral church of Terracina confirms the results of the architectural and iconographic surveys (see above M.T. Gigliozzi and M. Nuzzo) and points at the existence of two different phases. The first phase, corresponding to the inscriptions of the main door, dates back to the years 1120-1130; the second one, corresponding to the inscriptions of the front porch, can be associated to the calling of the Second Crusade by pope Eugenius III. The new reading of the porch inscriptions helps to reconstruct the vanished mosaics of the left-hand side and to understand the whole iconographic programme as a propagandistic message for the Second Crusade.