Da Virgilio al Medioevo: postille sulla rinascita della Sibilla in Campania (XI-XIII secolo)

Author: Manuel Castiñeiras

From Virgil to the Middle Ages: Notes on the Sibyl’s Rebirth in Campania (11th-13th centuries)

The depictions of the Erythraean Sibyl at Sant’Angelo in Formis and in the pulpit at Sessa Aurunca have been connected to the performance of her chant during the Christmas liturgy. A new approach makes it possible to expand our view of the reception of the Sibyl in the Middle Ages. In Campania, the Sibyl was closely linked to the Virgilian tradition and a number of Sibylline sites in the region. The performance of her chant, which was centered on a frightful description of the Last Judgment, not only at Christmas but also on Holy Saturday, breaks new ground in the interpretation of the iconographic programs that involve the Sibyl.