Svevi o Angioini alla periferia di Bisanzio. Le Storie di Santa Caterina e Santa Margherita sulla volta di S. Maria della Croce a Casaranello (Lecce)

Author: Gaetano Curzi

Swabians and Angevins on the outskirts of Byzantium. The Stories of St. Catherine and St. Margaret on the vault of S. Maria della Croce at Casaranello (Lecce)

The hagiographical cycles on the vault of S. Maria della Croce at Casaranello, in the Salento region, have been dated by scholars from the time of Frederick II up to the early 14th century.
In this paper the author analyzes the historical context and the iconographic and stylistic features of the frescoes and suggests a date during the Angevin age and in particular in the last quarter of the 13th century, as shown by relationships with the French figurative culture of the time of St. Louis.