Giosetta Fioroni (EN)

The 60s in Rome

  • Edited by Marco Meneguzzo, Piero Mascitti
  • Binding Hardcover
  • Size 24 x 28 cm
  • Pages 384
  • Illustrations 500
  • Language English
  • Year 2017
  • ISBN 9788836637843
  • Price € 45,00  € 42,75
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The volume describes the life, encounters and artworks of a great season in Italian art through the creative path of Giosetta Fioroni. During the 1960s in Rome, the artist discovered her language of expression by combining her passion for literature with her passion for painting. She merged the perturbations of Informal Art with notions of emerging Pop Art – becoming one of its prominent figures.
Silver is the colour characterizing Giosetta Fioroni’s paintings from that decade. And indeed it represents the artist’s unmistakable “trademark” – to the point of overshadowing the linguistic and emotional apprehensions populating her works and the events in her life before and after those happy and acknowledged times. This book, edited by Marco Meneguzzo and Piero Mascitti, portrays the complexity of an artist within the expressive abundance of a time and a city. A time and a city so stratified at a cultural level as to have more than one surprise in store for historical and critical analysis.

Moscow, MMOMA, September - October 2017


Giosetta Fioroni’s Memories

Piero Mascitti

Sinking into the Surface. 1956–1971: Giosetta’s First Fifteen Years
Marco Meneguzzo

A Brief Conversation between Giosetta and Elettra
Elettra Bottazzi

Nineteen Fifty-Seven
Nineteen Fifty-Eight
Nineteen Fifty-Nine
Nineteen Sixty
Nineteen Sixty-One
Nineteen Sixty-Two
Nineteen Sixty-Three
Nineteen Sixty-Four
Nineteen Sixty-Five
Nineteen Sixty-Six
Nineteen Sixty-Seven
Nineteen Sixty-Eight
Nineteen Sixty-Nine
Ninety Seventy

List of solo and group exhibitions
General Bibliography