Note sulla chiesa abbaziale di S. Martino al Cimino

Author: Giulia Pollini

Notes on the Abbey Church of S. Martino al Cimino

The Cistercian abbey of S. Martino al Cimino near Viterbo (Latium), founded by the mother-abbey Pontigny at the beginning of the 13th century, is a controversial example of the unique union between the Cistercian architecture and the new influences born in the Île-de-France. The goal of this paper is finding out local and transalpine links in the church architecture, especially focusing the attention on the majestic facade window. This element has been studied and variously dated to the second half of the 13th century, the first half of the 14th century and the middle of the 15th century. This essay wants to support the ‘13th century’ theory, thanks to the comparison to buildings in Viterbo. The aim is to illustrate how the ending of the facade was carried out during the oversight of the cardinal Giovanni Gaetano Orsini, future pope Nicholas III (1277-1280), and thanks to the economic and artistic opportunities of the new papal city of Viterbo.