Frightening Faun!

Images of the Faun, from Antiquity to Picasso

  • Edited by Ivonne Papin-Drastik
  • Binding Hardcover
  • Size 24 x 28 cm
  • Pages 336
  • Illustrations 170
  • Language French, English
  • Year 2018
  • ISBN 9788836638659
  • Price € 39,00  € 37,05
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The exhibition Frightening Faun! Images of the Faun, from Antiquity to Picasso proposes a dialogue between works from different eras using a variety of techniques. Divided into three main thematic sections, it demonstrates the multiple facets of this mysterious, hybrid, mischievous and erotic creature, which since Antiquity, has fascinated and inspired artists. “Embodying, like the Minotaur, the power of artistic creation” (Coline Zellal), Picasso’s facetious fauns cadence the exhibit and reveal the artist’s attachment to mythology.

Musée de Lodève, July - October 2018


Ivonne Papin-Drastik

Picasso’s Fauns
Coline Zellal

“As beautiful as the Parthenon...”: Fauns and Nymphs by Pablo Picasso, Text by André Verdet, Photographs by Robert Picault
Sandra Buratti-Hasan

Fauns et Satyrs: Trivial Pursuits
François Lissarague

Dancing the Bacchanalia: the Dionysiac Celebration over the Centuries, between Impulse and Inspiration
Sara Vitacca

Blowing Hot and Cold, the Wisdom and Duplicity of the Satyr
Ivonne Papin-Drastik

Several Faun Masks (1880-1910)
Édouard Papet

Fauns, Music and Dance
Aurosi Moreno

The Union of the Arts. The Afternoon of a Faun: Mallarmé, Manet, Debussy, Gauguin, Nijinsky
Jean-Nicolas Illouz