Achille Perilli (EN)

General Catalogue of Paintings and Sculpture

  • Author Giuseppe Appella
  • Binding 2 hardcovers with slipcase
  • Size 26,4 x 31 cm
  • Pages 920
  • Illustrations 4800
  • Language English
  • Year 2019
  • ISBN 9788836639472
  • Price € 400,00  € 380,00
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Over his seven-decade career, Achille Perilli has constructed a universe of his own, as Dadaism taught him, incessantly analysing “the need for a complex subject, a more communicating sign” to propose as pictorial codes and instruments of knowledge.
From one decade to the next, the light has opened up passages through the shadows of the unknown toward an original reflection on space and a precise image of the future world: beginning with the transformation of the internal system of art and the choice of a linear structure that conveys the hue of something different, something other than the Futurist chromatic memory, something that provides dramatic force to the wanderings of the imagination, multiculturalism, and dialogue with future artistic currents.
Drawing, his first intuition that since 1951 has become a veritable grammar of ideas and a system of analysis, provides a slow approach to the primary form that generates a new structure, where perception and vision arrange a metamorphosis of connections and systems of geometric bodies balanced in the universe.
Everything can be material to stage Perilli’s exclusive spectacle, including alphabet tables, collage, sculpture, performance, happening, installation, forays into engraving and the language of printing, in a spirit of unity capable of finding a common base for expanding his communication.



Achille Perilli: Explorer of the Universe
Giuseppe Appella

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Catalogue of Works

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