Architecture and Knowledge

  • Series Mendrisio Academy Press
  • Edited by Sonja Hildebrand, Daniela Mondini, Roberta Grignolo
  • Binding Paperback
  • Size 19 x 24,5 cm
  • Pages 246
  • Illustrations 150
  • Language Texts in the original language
  • Year 2018
  • ISBN 9788836639748
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This volume presents numerous essays exploring the multiple forms of knowledge involved in architectural art. The contributions speak of the relations between architecture and technology, political thought, planning, philosophy, history, hermeneutics, anthropology, psychology and aesthetics. This, however, does not take the form of an encroachment on other disciplinary fields, but confirms the “holistic” structure of architecture, an art that in its exercise must inevitably draw on a broad range of cultural and scientific instruments.
Architecture as an open art, enriched by the dialogue with multiple forms of knowledge, is, moreover, the most precious legacy we receive from the great architectural works of history, from both the remote past and modernity.


Architecture, an Open Art
Riccardo Blumer, Marco Della Torre

On the Importance of Knowledge for Architecture
Sonja Hildebrand, Daniela Mondini, Roberta Grignolo

Thomas Jefferson: Knowledge and the Making of Architecture
Howard Burns

Peso leggero, leggerezza pesante. Architettura e forza di gravità in Domenico Fontana e Mies van der Rohe
Veronica Biermann

La storia come archivio di exempla. Stuart & Revett e le raccolte illustrate di antichità tra Sette e Ottocento
Daniela Mondini

Progress of Architecture: History in Contemporary Architecture
Michael Gnehm

Unione relativa. Riflessioni sull'ermeneutica architettonica di Gottfried Semper
Sonja Hildebrand

Substantial Differences: Semper's Stoffwechsel and Truth to Materials
Elena Chestnova

Allegory of the Sustainable City. The Wind Catchers of Hyderabad (Pakistan) and Their Spread in the Modem Architectural Discourse
Sascha Roesler

Connecting with Nature and Modelling after Nature. Richard Neutra and Dynamic Light
Matthias Brunner

Colore o forma? L'estetica scientifica di Charles Henry nella ricezione di Seurat, Signac e Le Corbusier
Silvia Berselli

Ragione e sentimento. L'arte retorica di Le Corbusier
Tim Benton

Ritornare all'opera. Esempi e controesempi nel restauro delle architetture di Le Corbusier
Roberta Grignolo

Architectural Design in the Interplay between Conjectures and Refutations. Kart Popper and the Architects
Jasper Cepl

Design Practices in the 1960s. The Case of the Olympic Village in Munich
Natalie Heger

La modernità come patologia, ovvero: l'effetto Mondrian
Angelika Schnell