Antolini, Desprez, Marvuglia e gli altri. L’Italia del Sud nei disegni per l’Histoire de l’Art di Seroux d’Agincourt

Author: Ilaria Miarelli Mariani

Antolini, Desprez, Marvuglia and the Others. Southern Italy in the drawings for the Histoire de l’Art by Seroux d’Agincourt

The study examines the preparatory drawings of monuments in Southern Italy made for the engravings published in Seroux d’Agincourt’s Histoire de l’Art par les monumens. The focus is, in particular, on those reproducing architectures in Subiaco, Cassino, Calabria and Sicily. Among the artists working on the monuments in Southern Italy appear important names such as Giovanni Antonio Antolini, Jean-Louis Desprez and Alessandro Emanuele Marvuglia; these artists reproduce and study medieval monuments for the first time in their life. The engravings of the Histoire de l’Art mark the detachment from the tradition of the picturesque view to inaugurate a modern art-historical reproduction.