Millin e le iscrizioni della Puglia medievale

Author: Cristina Mantegna

Millin and the Inscriptions in Medieval Apulia

The author examines the collection of the inscriptions’ reproductions that Aubin-Louis Millin had made during his journey to Apulia in 1812-1813. She takes this opportunity to reconsider the lettering of the originals, which those drawings derive from, according to a chronological order based on the date of their composition. The result is a review of the inscriptional writings in Apulia between the Norman and the Angevin period (11th-15th centuries), from the Romanesque to the Gothic capital: an evolution that is part of a complex and global graphic system, made of bookhands, documentary handwritings and, of course, inscriptional writings in continuous osmosis, one with each other.