Alberto Gandolfo

What remains

  • Edited by Benedetta Donato
  • Binding Paperback with flaps
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  • Pages 176
  • Illustrations 100
  • Language Italian, English, French
  • Year 2019
  • ISBN 9788836642526
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| Limited edition of 400 numbered copies |

What remains is the photographic research undertaken by Alberto Gandolfo in January 2017, which takes its cue from news stories from the most recent Italian past, focusing on family members and people close to the victims of tragic episodes, engaged in long battles in pursuance of the truth.

We know the news stories, we remember how the faces of the tragically disappeared people were, but we know little or nothing about those who remain, about those people whom, in addition to experiencing great pain resulting from the loss of a loved one, inherit battles and take charge in seeking justice.

Making their faces visible is the means to maintain high attention on the evolution of specific and very particular events, bearers of anonymous and silent revolutions, in which we are all necessarily involved.