Vallauris 2019

International Biennial Contemporary Ceramics

  • Edited by Sandra Benadretti
  • Binding Hardcover
  • Size 21 x 29,7 cm
  • Pages 136
  • Illustrations 100
  • Language French, English
  • Year 2019
  • ISBN 9788836643837
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The 25th International Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics in Vallauris marks the golden anniversary of the wedding between the City and the International Biennials of Ceramics, the first of which was held in Summer 1968 under the aegis of Pablo Picasso and André Malraux.
Creative and innovative, today the Biennial showcases the emergence of new ways of working with a clear focus on current technologies.
Here, connected, luminous porcelain is presented for the first time alongside the best of international contemporary ceramics.
The guest of honour, Italy, has three original exhibitions on display: Terra Italia, Made in Italy Design and Light Art. The Biennial is intended to be a major event bringing together professionals and visitors from all backgrounds, who are invited to discover, play, test, invent and do. Going back to the earth is also a means of shaping our future. What better way to embody the metamorphoses of our age and the sensitive palpitations of our lives than through contemporary ceramics?
The Workshop held in partnership with ENSCI, the designer Jean-François Dingjian and Vallaurian ceramicist Claude Aïello, presents the works of four young students who have adapted their practice, 3D and modelling, to the sensitivity of earth as a material.
Singularités évocatrices by Olivier van Herpt takes you into the exciting world of 3D ceramics produced by computer-assisted design. The 2019 Biennial is about combining art and skill, tradition and innovation, research and performance; a trail of exhibitions where visitors from all backgrounds are invited to rub shoulders at this wide-ranging event the watchwords of which are sharing and generosity.

Vallauris, Musée Magnelli, Salle Eden, Maison des quartiers et Espace Grandjean, June - November 2019