Time Is Out of Joint

The Exhibition Project. La Galleria Nazionale – Roma

  • Series La Galleria Nazionale – Roma
  • Edited by Cristiana Collu
  • Binding Hardcover with jacket
  • Size 16,5 x 24 cm
  • Pages 820
  • Illustrations 250
  • Language Italian, English
  • Year 2020
  • ISBN 9788836644940
  • Price € 38,00
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Time Is Out of Joint presents the heritage of the Galleria Nazionale in Rome, in light of the new installation curated by its director Cristiana Collu.
A revolutionary exhibition plan that has greatly modified the public’s fruition of the museum, on the one hand supporting the spatiality of the place and highlighting its architecture, and on the other unhinging the traditional chronological reading of the works in favor of an open path which suggests unprecedented relationships between works, and which enhances the ever-changing point of view of the observer.
The volume, which includes two critical essays, fifteen interventions and an interview with the director, is part of the lively debate aroused by the museum’s innovation, and offers the best tool to understand the criteria that guided its implementation.
Fernando Guerra’s extensive portfolio visually accompanies the reader through the rooms of the museum.


Dario Franceschini

Cristiana Collu

Après coup
Saretto Cincinelli

Focus Imaginarius. Interview with Jacques Rancière
by Ilaria Bussoni and Saretto Cincinelli

Refractions. The Art and Experience of Time
Franco Rella

The Times of Art
Massimo Carboni

Once Upon a Time There Was History
Cecilia Ribaldi

'Galleria': noun (feminine), museum
Giorgio de Finis

In Time: Museums, History, and the Depths of Perception
Stefano Velotti

'Hic sunt leones'. Rethinking the Museum
Nicolas Martino

Timelessness. Tempus and Kairós
Giacomo Marramao

Whose Eye Prevails?
Antonello Negri

Time Has Nothing to Do with It
Annarosa Buttarelli

Art or Philosophy? Wittgenstein and Kosuth
Marco Mazzeo

Magic Materialism, Site Specific
Ilaria Bussoni

Unlimited Play
Fiamma Montezemolo and Tarek Elhaik

Invitation to a Voyage
Massimo Maiorino

Martí Guixé

In Full Light
Interview with Cristiana Collu

Three Key Words for the New Galleria Nazionale
Pietro Montani

Architecture As Landscape
Nicola Di Battista

'Time Is Out of Joint', Or How the Galleria Nazionale Was Rearranged in the Time of Timelessness
Cristiana Collu and Massimo Maiorino

Time Interdicted
Intervista a Saretto Cincinelli

Museum Beauty Contest
Paco Cao

Galleria Nazionale: Instructions in Two Parts
Valerio Magrelli

Time Is Out of Joint
Tommaso Pincio

Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story
Elena Stancanelli

When I'm Asked to Look
Chiara Valerio

An Animal Soul
Patrizia Zappa Mulas

In Due Time
Claudio Bianchi

The Time of Material
Paola Carnazza

In the Labyrinth of Time
Giovanna Coltelli

Colour Is Out of Joint. Reflections on "Time"
Marcella Cossu

Nothing Belongs to Us; Time Is All We Have
Keila Linguanti

About Time. Cesare Bazzani at the Test of 'Time Is Out of Joint'
Stefano Marson

Giving Time to Time
Massimo Mininni

It Takes Time to Restore Time
Luciana Tozzi

Works on Exhibit