Cooking with Antonio Guida

  • Author Photographs by Giacomo Bretzel
    Texts by Maddalena Fossati
  • Binding Hardcover
  • Size 22 x 29 cm
  • Pages 176
  • Illustrations 150
  • Language English
  • Year 2020
  • ISBN 9788836645589
  • Price € 44,00  € 41,80
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“I became a cook because I’m a glutton,” says Antonio Guida, star chef of the Seta restaurant, at the Mandarin Oriental in Milan. His cuisine is intense and powerful, made of original flavors which he studies, creates and invents without ever stopping.
This book tells his story: the affections, the iconic dishes, the raw materials, from Apulia to the Lombard capital, passing through Paris, Zurich and Asia. And, of course, his recipes: refined and unusual, successful without fail: explained step by step, they are accompanied by illustrations and a final glossary.


Oysters with potatoes, friggitelli and champagne sauce
Snails with herb sauce, burrata cheese and zucchini blossoms
Sweetbreads with bagna cauda, kidney and caviar
Shrimps with soft-shell, crab stock and tamarillo
Partridge truffle tart, with winter vegetables, celeriac, baby greens and hare sauce
Partridge, scallions and raspberries
Sweetbreads with giblets and carrot purée
Cuttlefish ink risotto with needle squid and turmeric sauce
Seafood sagne with shellfish tripe sauce
Farfalle pasta with seafood, hermit crab sauce and coconut
Spaghetti with mackerel sauce and squids
Fusilloro pasta with mussels and cuttlefish
Risotto “in cagnone” with vegetables, Castelmagno cheese and raspberry powder
Cuttlefish ink spaghetti with hairy mussels and miso sauce
Ravioli stuffed with hummus, eggplant and robiola cheese
Risotto with anise, artichokes and truffle
Curdled milk gnocchi with rabbit and mussels
Spaghetti with beet sauce and shellfish carpaccio with lime
Filled ravioli with passatelli, foie gras and pigeon consommé
Sorrel and oyster risotto
Mullet wrapped in beet greens with spider crab and sea snail sauce
Turbot with wine sauce and carrot reduction sauce
Hake with potatoes and mussels and shiso sauce
Roast turbot with lentils, caviar, mimosa and miso and rosemary sauce
John Dory with zucchini and artichoke sauce, squid tartare and sweet pepper sauce
Striped bass with curry and banana sauce and Gorizia rose radicchio
Mullet, squid water and cockles
Salt-crusted chicken served three ways
Fillet of beef with chopped herbs, artichokes and choron sauce
Stuffed wild duck with cabbage roulade and spring onion sauce
Venison with chestnut sauce, mango and apple
Spiced duck with creamy black polenta, dates and hazelnuts
Pigeon terrine with Suprême sauce and giblets
Lamb in saté sauce with zucchini “a scapece”, caprino cheese and citron
Hare Royale
Mandarin orange filled with candied kumquat and raw cacao gelato
Strawberry and tomato cheesecake with saffron gelato
Honey and sage soufflé with coconut blancmange and beet and citrus sorbet
Apple fondant, lychee and pomegranate sauce and pain brioche and cognac gelato
Ginger Royale, mango with passion fruit and lemongrass gelato
Strawberry with caprino cheese, almond gelato and lychee and strawberry sauce
Chocolate soufflé