Beyond the Ghetto. Inside & Out

  • Edited by Andreina Contessa, Simonetta Della Seta, Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti, Sharon Reichel
  • Binding Paperback with flaps
  • Size 17 x 24 cm
  • Pages 344
  • Illustrations 250
  • Language English
  • Year 2020
  • ISBN 9788836645961
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Beginning with the institution of the first ghetto in Venice in 1516, and soon followed by those in Rome and other cities, Jews had to contend with this circumscribed and ambivalent place, which made them a part of the city and also isolated them.
For nearly three centuries, this was the space within which Jews cultivated their identity, on the one hand preserving the features of their ancient culture, but on the other hand drawing from the world that opened up beyond that confine. The continuous relation between “inside” and “outside” the ghetto walls marked Jewish life throughout the long journey towards emancipation.
This deeply complex circumstance is the subject of this volume, including a series of critical texts that take on the profoundly current issues inherent to the topic from every angle, from the historical and artistic to the sociological. The concepts of resilience, integration, cross-cultural encounters and aspiration to be equal while remaining different, are themes continually being raised by today’s society, reigniting the dilemma of the ghettos.
Understanding their role in terms of identity formation is the aim of this volume, which traces the unique situation of European Jews, especially those in Italy, between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, in the firm belief that Jewish history can transmit universal values and offer useful tools for the present.

Ferrara, MEIS, March - September 2021


Jewish Culture is Part of Us
Dario Franceschini

A New and Important Accomplishment
Dario Disegni

Looking through the Window
Amedeo Spagnoletto

Inside and Out
Andreina Contessa, Simonetta Della Seta, Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti, Sharon Reichel

The Perennial and the Ephemeral. Material Culture and Artistic Production in the Age of the Ghettos
Andreina Contessa

Objects Reveal: The Life Cycle and Its Rituals
Shalom Sabar

Silver Ceremonial Objects in Italian Synagogues
Dora Liscia Bemporad

Within the Walls and Beyond. Three and a Half Centuries of Italian History
Serena Di Nepi

Jewish Education in the Ghetto
Amedeo Spagnoletto

The Del Monte Family
Marina Caffiero

The Origin and Development of the Italian Liturgical Tradition
Riccardo Di Segni

From 'Musica Hebræorum' to Musica Sacra. Musical Encounters in the Italian Synagogue (Seventeenth-Nineteenth Centuries)
Francesco Spagnolo

Epithalamia and Other Occasional Poetry
Ariel Rathaus

Medicine and the Jews. Training and Practice in Late Renaissance Italy
Edward Reichman

The Confraternities in the Sociocultural Fabric of the Communities
Michela Andreatta

Italy without a Ghetto: The Jewish Community of Livorno
Francesca Bregoli

Marrano and Sephardic Culture in the Early Modern Period: The Case of Italy
Pier Cesare Ioly Zorattini

Schools of Thought in Jewish Italy from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries
Alessandro Guetta

The Universalism of Elia Benamozegh
Raniero Fontana

“Know Before Whom You Stand.” The Synagogue from the Age of Ghettos to Emancipation
Sharon Reichel

The Tombstone Speaks
Mauro Perani

Jewish Emancipation in Europe
David Sorkin

Jewish Citizens
Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti

Mazzini’s Jewish Entourage
Marcella Pellegrino Sutcliffe

Jews and Freemasonry
Francesca Sofia

Italian Jewish Periodicals 1845–1915
Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti

The Catholic Church and the Jews in Italy from the Early Modern Period to the Twentieth Century
Cristiana Facchini

The Facts and Lesson of the Mortara Case
Elèna Mortara

The Jews of Hapsburg Trieste: Social Inclusion, Emancipation, and Integration (1719–1914)
Tullia Catalan

Italian Zionists, between Italian Nationalism and Jewish Nationalism
Simonetta Della Seta

The Jewish Question in Cesare Lombroso’s Science
Emanuele D’Antonio

Jews and Public Life in Liberal Italy
Gadi Luzzatto Voghera

Mirror Effects. Jews and Literature
Alberto Cavaglion

Italian Jews and the Great War
Mario Toscano

Museum and Exhibition Design
Studio GTRF
Giovanni Tortelli Roberto Frassoni
Architetti Associati

edited by Andreina Contessa, Simonetta Della Seta, Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti, Sharon Reichel, Rachel Silvera