Mollino / Insides

Carlo Mollino, Brigitte Schindler, Enoc Perez

  • Series Collezione Maramotti
  • Binding Hardcover
  • Size 20 x 24 cm
  • Pages 112
  • Illustrations 40
  • Language Italian, English
  • Year 2020
  • ISBN 9788836646302
  • Price € 34,00  € 32,30
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The complex and refined creative imagination of Carlo Mollino - an eclectic personality of the Italian twentieth century - is the common thread that unites the research documented in these pages, which combines a selection of photographs from the fifties and sixties, shot by Mollino himself, with the works of Enoc Perez and Brigitte Schindler, artists united by a visionary spirit aimed at experimentation.
The volume opens with some shots of the splendid and provocative models portrayed by Mollino (Turin, 1905-1973), through which the author on the one hand explores the beauty of female nature, while on the other aims to compose an image – subjective and transfigured – of the woman as the ideal counterpart of his existence.
Enoc Perez (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1967) started in the nineties a personal investigation on a series of iconic twentieth-century architectures, which he transposed into paintings with an indefinite, sometimes dreamlike flavor: among these stands out Casa Mollino – the architect’s last enigmatic and secret residence, which now houses the Museum –, visited by the painter in 2019 and the subject of the works presented here.
The same house, designed by Mollino down to the smallest detail and conceived as a mirror of his worldview, was a source of inspiration for Brigitte Schindler (Munich, 1972), whose photographs intercept the mystery suspended in the rooms, the subtle connections between the objects carefully chosen and positioned by the owner.
The volume includes contributions by Mario Diacono, Fulvio Ferrari, Enoc Perez and Brigitte Schindler, together with extracts from “The message from the dark room” by Carlo Mollino.

Reggio Emilia, Collezione Maramotti, October 2020 – March 2021