Carlo Pittara (EN)

The Rediscovery of The Saluzzo Fair
Horses, Costumes and Residences

  • Edited by Virginia Bertone
  • Binding Paperback with flaps
  • Size 24 x 28 cm
  • Pages 136
  • Illustrations 55
  • Language English
  • Year 2020
  • ISBN 9788836646616
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The large canvas Fiera di Saluzzo (sec. XVII) (The Saluzzo Fair [17th Century]) that Carlo Pittara painted for the 4th National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Turin in 1880 represents a unique element in the painter's production and, in some respects, in the history of 19th-century painting: not only for its exceptional dimensions - the canvas is over four meters high and more than eight long - but also for the stimuli it offers to understand lesser known aspects of the figurative culture of the time.
The essay gathered in this volume recostruct its history for the first time and offer a broad and multifaceted reading, enriched by new evidence on the biographical profile of Carlo Pittara. The analysis dedicated to the Fiera di Saluzzo (Saluzzo Fair) allows not only to identify the buildings and monuments of Saluzzo, but also to appreciate the fashion and customs of the characters depicted. Particular attention is paid to the different animal species represented, which have been inquired thanks to the close collaboration of the Department of Veterinary Sciences of the University of Turin.

Turin, GAM, December 2019 - September 2020


Virginia Bertone

'The Saluzzo Fair (17th Century)' at the 4th National Exhibition of Fine Arts of 1880: Its History and a Possible Interpretation
Virginia Bertone

An Artist's Life beyond the Borders of Piedmont. New Testimonies of Carlo Pittara's Biography and Works
Alice Guido

Points of View
Pierangelo Cavanna


Education and the Years of the Rivara School
'The Saluzzo Fair (17th Century)' by Carlo Pittara
The 4th National Exhibition of Fine Arts of 1880
4th National Exhibition of Fine Arts: Winners and Defeated Artists
List of Works

Analysis of the Work

Monuments and Historical Residences: 'The Saluzzo Fair': Between Fiction and History
Lea Carla Antonioletti

Horsemen and Commoners: Notes on Costume and Fashion
Virginia Bertone e Anna Bondi

Horses and Their Breeding in Piedmont
Domenico Bergero

Cattle and Their Breeding in Piedmont
Ivo Zoccarato

Hunting Dogs and The Molosser Breed
Pier Paolo Mussa

Ovine and Their Rearing in Piedmont
Paolo Sacchi

Two Ducks, a Rooster, and Two Hens: A Curious Note
Achille Schiavone

The Rehang of the 'Saluzzo Fair': Conservative Interventions and Restorations (2006-2019)
Federico Doneux


'The Saluzzo Fair (17th Century)': Critical Anthology (1887-1888)
Vanessa Righettoni

'The Saluzzo Fair (17th Century)': Exhibitions and Bibliography (1878-2019)
Vanessa Righettoni

Carlo Pittara: Essential Biography
Alice Guido