10 viaggi nell'architettura italiana

  • Edited by Matteo Balduzzi, Alessandra Cerroti, Luciano Antonino Scuderi
  • Binding Flexibound
  • Size 15 x 24,5 cm
  • Pages 332
  • Illustrations 300
  • Language Italian, English
  • Year 2021
  • ISBN 9788836647927
  • Price € 35,00  € 33,25
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The volume presents a collection of 100 architectural structures, organised according to the travel itineraries of 10 photographers. Between September 2019 and August 2020 they crossed Italy to tell the story of over 250 buildings selected as part of the Atlante Architettura Contemporanea (Atlas of Contemporary Architecture) project.
It's a sort of travel diary full of observations, anecdotes, and personal suggestions that interact with images, amplifying and discussing their meaning, to convey the richness and variety of the Italian architectural heritage and at once reflect on the experience and the significance of photographing architecture.

Milan, Triennale, October - November 2021


Introductory Texts

Gazes on Contemporary Architecture
Fabio De Chirico

Enhancing Public Cultural Assets
Gabriella Guerci

Atlante architettura contemporanea, a Project for Awareness and Promotion
Comitato redazione Atlante architettura contemporanea / Editorial Committee of Atlante

Photography, Archive, Experience. Dialogue and Storytelling
Matteo Balduzzi, Alessandra Cerroti, Luciano Antonino Scuderi

Ten Journeys

Allegra Martin
Simone Mizzotti
Louis De Belle
Alberto Sinigaglia
Luca Girardini
Marco Zorzanello
Marina Caneve
Flavia Rossi
Paolo Lindozzi
Davide Cossu
Roberto Boccaccino

Thoughts and Insights

In the Relentless Line of Time
Orazio Carpenzano

“Modern” and Contemporary Architecture, Child of a Lesser God
Ugo Carughi

The Mosaic of Contemporary Architecture in the Past Seventy Years
Roberto Dulio

Other Atlases
Antonello Frongia

Contemporary Monuments
Margherita Guccione

Architectural Photography between Present Day and Historical References
Paolo Rosselli


Cartographic Index
Index of Buildings
Index of Places
Index of Designers