Balthus, Bazaine, Rothko...

Les Enfants de Bonnard

  • Series Musée Bonnard, Le Cannet
  • Edited by Véronique Serrano
  • Binding Paperback with flaps
  • Size 19 x 27 cm
  • Pages 188
  • Illustrations 120
  • Language French, English
  • Year 2021
  • ISBN 9788836649594
  • Price € 35,00  € 33,25
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This catalogue, devoted to the artistic legacy of Pierre Bonnard, highlights the uninterrupted continuity he established with some of today’s painters.
Bonnard was not only ‘le Nabi très japonard’ (‘the ultra-Japanese Nabi’) but also a painter who opened previously unknown doors, introducing a new understanding of modernity through nature, which lay at the very heart of his pictorial approach. Since his death in 1947, his reputation has had ups and downs, because his oeuvre, highly individual and unclassifiable for its time, has always prompted debate. It is neither avant-garde nor backward-looking; it belongs to another era, that of the long span of time marking the beginning of a fertile pictorial process that, through its attachment to the real, draws together the threads of memory, meaning, and life.
One thus finds in this catalogue, along with works by Bonnard, those of Geneviève Asse, Balthus, Bardone, Bazaine, Bioulès, Blanche, Frydman, Kimura, Lesieur, Mangú Quesada, Marchand, Rothko, Segal, Truphémus, and Vieira da Silva.


Véronique Serrano

Bonnard, un outsider dans la modernité
Véronique Serrano

Mark Rothko, recette pour un bon tableau
Isabelle Cahn

Une réalité surprenante : Bacon et Bonnard
Sarah Whitfield

Œuvres exposées
Notices par Véronique Serrano

Autour des œuvres de Pierre Bonnard
Geneviève Asse
Guy Bardone
Jean Bazaine
Vincent Bioulès
Jean-Pierre Blanche
Monique Frydman
Chuta Kimura
Pierre Lesieur
Roberto Mangú Quesada
André Marchand
Mark Rothko
George Segal
Jacques Truphémus
Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

Propos de peintres 1933-2015
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