Expressionism in Art and Film

  • Edited by Maximilian Letze
  • Binding Hardcover with jacket
  • Size 24.5 x 28.5 cm
  • Pages 240
  • Illustrations 210
  • Language English, German
  • Year 2022
  • ISBN 9788836650361
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As a revolutionary cultural movement, Expressionism tried ever since its beginning to join art and life and abolish the separation between the arts. Multiple talents became the ideal of the artists, while the Gesamtkunstwerk – the total and universal artwork – turned into the desired goal. Expressionism in Art and Film traces the style trend crossing traditional genre boundaries, outlining the mutual influences between painting, graphics and film. Social criticism on the one hand, and ideal and dream images on the other, stand out in Expressionism. Caricature images of modern women and men are also present, as are new viewing habits and behaviors. The great upheavals of the early 20th century can be found in the exaggerated figures, strong contrasts and distorted perspectives characterizing form and aesthetics of the Expressionism. The whole image of this nerve-wracking time comes to life by juxtaposing different genres. Painted images as well as motion pictures reveal how deeply Expressionism was permeated by the crises of its time and how loudly it expressed the abrupt social upheavals.


Maximilian Letze

Expressionism in Art and Film
Wolf Eiermann

Foreword and Thanks
Lisa Felicitas Mattheis

A Distorted World
The Expressionist city as a psychogram of a society
Lisa Felicitas Mattheis

Condense, Disguise, Displace
Dream and trauma in Expressionist film
Kristina Jaspers

German Film Expressionism
From the dawn of Dr. Caligari to the dusk of The Last Man (digression)
Marek Żydowicz

Break and Breakfree

Dream and Trauma

Form and Deformation