Pietro Consagra

Sculpture in connection
Works 1947-2004

  • Author Francesca Pola
  • Binding Hardcover
  • Size 25 x 29 cm
  • Pages 216
  • Illustrations 115
  • Language Italian, English
  • Year 2022
  • ISBN 9788836651603
  • Price € 39,00  € 37,05
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The book retraces the inventive richness of Pietro Consagra (Mazara del Vallo, 1920 – Milan, 2005), one of the most seminal figures on the international art scene of the 20th century. It proposes a comparison between different moments in the artist’s creative path, thus making it possible to emphasize both the elements of continuity in his work, but also and above all the specificities of the individual periods, offering a varied panorama of his continuous reinventions of forms and his experimentation with materials.
Francesca Pola identifies Consagra’s path not in a purely chronological sense, but rather according to a reading key highlighting the importance of the relationship between sculpture, space and observer: a specific focus on the “location” of the plastic presence in relation to the observer, the fulcrum of the characteristic “frontal sculpture” codified by Consagra starting from his famous Colloqui of the early 1950s and contextually theorised as early as his book Necessità della scultura (1952).


Pietro Consagra
Sculpture in Connection
Francesca Pola

Frontal Sculpture:
A New Language

Sculpture and the City

Marble as Colour

Matter Could Be Missing

The Horizons of Sculpture

Data sheets of the works
edited by Archivio Pietro Consagra