Abitare la Vacanza

Emanuele Piccardo
Maria Pina Usai

  • Edited by Emanuele Piccardo, Maria Pina Usai
  • Binding Paperback with flaps
  • Size 15 x 21 cm
  • Pages 240
  • Illustrations 130
  • Language Italian, English
  • Year 2023
  • ISBN 9788836655250
  • Price € 28,00  € 26,60
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Abitare la Vacanza is an architecture festival that actively researches the territory, with the aim of promoting good practices for coastal and immediate inland management, while fostering collective awareness in communities about the potential that quality architecture and urban planning offer in reducing the effects of climate change and overtourism.
The research includes three sites in three regions, linked by the presence of residential architectures for Italian vacationers: Colletta di Castelbianco in Liguria, the village restored by Giancarlo De Carlo; Baratti in Tuscany, the works of Vittorio Giorgini; and finally, Costa Paradiso in Sardinia, the architectures of Alberto Ponis. Starting from an understanding of these architectures, Abitare la Vacanza aims to develop a collective sensitivity to prevent their complete alteration, in order to take them as archetypes from which to draw inspiration in rethinking the design of the Italian coasts. The achievement of this objective is pursued through concrete actions in the territories, such as artist residencies, researchers, photographers, self-construction workshops, and visits to the architectures.
This publication-manifesto represents the synthesis of this process.


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Emanuele Piccardo / Maria Pina Usai

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Colletta di Castelbianco

Colletta di Castelbianco: the heritage of Giancarlo De Carlo
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Tre Torri: designing the woods
Emanuele Piccardo / Giacomo Airaldi


Vittorio Giorgini: beyond nature
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From Giorgini’s research to Architectural Geometry
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Costa Paradiso

Alberto Ponis: building in nature
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La Cupola of Dante, Michelangelo and Monica. And what a myth it is
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Rethinking the coast
Maria Pina Usai