Djamel Tatah

Solitary Figures

  • Edited by Richard Vine
  • Binding Paperback with flaps
  • Size 21 x 27 cm
  • Pages 56
  • Illustrations 57
  • Language English
  • Year 2023
  • ISBN 9788836655649
  • Price € 20,00  € 19,00
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Djamel Tatah, born in France of Algerian extraction, addresses one of the principal themes of postwar cultural expression. Solitude—including solitude in a crowd—has preoccupied figures ranging from Beckett and Camus to Giacometti and Antonioni. Growing secularization, the horrors of two world wars, and now the shock of a worldwide migration crisis have all contributed to an artistic fascination with the isolated individual. Tatah has developed a signature approach to this issue. His pale, life-size, plainly garbed figures present themselves—standing, lying, squatting, or falling—against monochrome backgrounds that reinforce the characters’ paradoxical aloneness. Psychologically self-contained, these wandering souls nevertheless evoke the need for community in an ever more socially divisive contemporary world. At the same time, they are emblems of a poignant constant of the human experience: lone consciousness trapped in mortal flesh.


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